Diana Figurski

IMG_5345I am still married to my high school sweet heart. We have three grown children and currently are blessed with 7 grandchildren.  When I’m not supporting families who are preparing for the birth of their new addition, I love to garden, sew and care for my family. Most of my time is spent with my family at barb b que’s, picnics, days at the beach and birthday parties.


I fell in love with pregnancy and the amazing birth process with my first pregnancy.  I delivered my first born in the hospital and learned I was the only person in the dynamics who had no voice on caring for my baby. That sent me searching for a midwife to have my next two babies at home.  At home is where I learned that birthing truly is a natural process, that a woman’s body is created to have babies. For me, home birthing was a perfect fit. However, I do understand that it’s not comfortable for everyone, and even though I believe a woman’s body was created with the ability to grow and birth babies sometimes “stuff happens” where medical intervention is necessary.


In 2007 I had the honor and privilege of supporting my son and daughter in law with the birth of my granddaughter.  This was my first opportunity to be on the receiving end of birth. My daughter in law was so thankful for my support she knew in her heart that I should be helping other women as well. It was at her prompting that I decided to follow my passion of supporting and educating families during pregnancy and birth as a doula.