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"Taryn is an amazing doula and I highly recommend her! With her support, I was able to have the VBAC in the hospital that I was hoping for. She is so sweet and knew exactly what to do throughout the labor. Her massages were exactly what I needed to make it through each contraction, and her calm voice was reassuring and encouraging. When the nurses and doctors asked us questions, she provided us with the information we needed to make the right decisions. My husband and I couldn’t have done it without her, and we definitely want her to be our doula for our next birth. – Jayson & Robin Eaton"
"Our family was so fortunate to have Diana as a Doula in 2012. Diana made herself available at a time when almost no one else would. She was perfectly accommodating, patient and very generous to our family. She offered the perfect amount of support and encouragement before, during and after birth; and to this day she continues to be a support. Thank you so much Diana for your role as a Doula and for your friendship. – V Brown"
"There are no words to describe how beautiful Taryn made our birthing experience. My first delivery was horrific and I was so scared to re-live everything all over again. She is one of the most calming, nurturing, & encouraging woman I’ve ever met and that’s just what every mother needs when going labor & delivery. I loved that she respected all my desires. She thought about everything I needed at the perfect time! From candles to aromatherapy, to helping me breathe through the painful contractions, there is no way I would ever have been able to deliver my son naturally without her encouraging my husband and I. Because of Taryn, I felt strong and capable, something I didnt at all feel with my first delivery. I could write pages and pages..I will never forget walking my neighborhood at 1:00 am with her and feeling so peaceful about the whole experience and focusing on my son. She even recommended I look at a picture of my daughter to remind me that all the pain is worth it!  She involved my husband and we both felt so comfortable. Having Taryn is the best decision we could ever have made & our positive birthing experience is something we live remember and appreciate the rest of our lives. Thank you Taryn for everything. – Amee"
"Taryn was an amazing doula. Her encouragment, patience and love throughout my birthing experience was amazing. She was so calming and kept my head in the right place. Without all of her guidance and support. I don’t know how I could have done it without her. She was an amazing support system for my husband as well. Most think doulas are just for the moms, but dads need help too! Even though we did not end up with a natural delivery as planned, Taryn was so supportive and encouraging through all of the options that I had to decide on through my delivery (epidural and then a c-section). My husband and I can not say enough great things about Taryn. We will definitely be using her again for our next baby. It takes a special person to be a doula and Taryn is defintely someone special. I highly recommend Taryn to be your doula! – Tamra"
"Having Taryn as my Doula was such an awesome experience! This was my first time being a surrogate. I hadn’t had a Doula with my previous pregnancies but if I were to get pregnant again I wouldn’t do it without one! Taryn was so kind and gentle and such a calming in the midst of the labor and delivery. Having Taryn as my Doula was one of the best decisions and made my surrogate birth experience such a positive experience and made it feel as natural as possible. Taryn was a calming force for me. Her soothing massage and counter-pressure were critical for pain management. And her knowledge and presence gave me strength during labor and delivery. During labor and delivery Taryn continuously gave me a reassuring feeling. I was gently suggested techniques that worked, my husband was given plenty of space and supportive guidance, and we were both blessed with a beautiful experience. After delivery and during my postpartum, Taryn was available when needed and helped me through the difficult times during postpartum. It is without hesitation and with great pleasure that I recommend her. – Kathy"
"Taryn helped me with the delivery with my second baby almost one year ago. My birth was hard but wonderful. Absolutely fantastic. It was my first natural birth, and I know I would not have been able to accomplish this had it not been for Taryn. Taryn met with my husband and I twice before delivery, and was always available for phone calls or emails until then. She dispelled my husband’s skepticism about doulas, and he was quickly won over. Taryn provided us with reading materials–as little or as much as we wanted, but I was happy to read anything I could. She had binders full of information, diagrams, and studies, as well as a library of books about childbirth and breastfeeding that she loaned us. But besides teaching us the practical knowledge about birth, her most important contribution was her calming and steady presence. Taryn is so gentle, but also confident. She arrived at my home when I needed her that night, was great to ask me what I needed, or make gentle suggestions if I wasn’t able to articulate exactly what I wanted. I loved her oils and foot massages! She knew when was the right time for her to be close and when it was better to let me have a moment alone or with my husband. She was perceptive to my mood, so if I wanted levity, she gave it, and if I needed to be more serious, she was quiet and reassuring. She was my best advocate when things progressed and I doubted my own abilities. I can’t even begin to express how much safer and more secure I felt having Taryn with us throughout the night. Having her around made it easier to let go of any fear and anxiety about anything else, because I knew she was there for me, and only me. I will always remember her as being an integral part of my son’s beautiful birth. She is such a big part of my memories that I can’t imagine giving birth again with any doula but Taryn! I am still thrilled, proud, and over the moon a whole year later, and would hire her again in an instant. – Ashley"