Breastfeeding Support After Childbirth With The Help Of A Doula

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    Breastfeeding Support After Childbirth With The Help Of A Doula

    Breastfeeding provides a progression of nurturing and closeness between the mother and the baby that started in the womb. This natural process has the biggest hindrance due to lack of training, encouragement and breastfeeding support. There is also a lack of knowledge about breastfeeding including correct positioning, sore nipples and having a feeling of not having adequate milk for the baby.


    To ensure success in breastfeeding support, the following should be put in place


    A breastfeeding pillow.


    It is a breastfeeding support designed to make feeding fun, easier and comfortable for both mother and baby. New mothers find it difficult to sit up and breastfeed their babies as their body feels sore and tired. Most women have difficulty breastfeeding their baby since their aching preventing them from enjoying the good moments of bonding with their newborn baby.


    Stimulation of breast.


    This breastfeeding support enables breasts to produce an adequate amount of milk to nourish the baby. It needs to be stimulated. To prepare for breast production nipple exercise is required. These exercises are easy and usually involve rubbing of the breast and pinching the nipple.


    Ensuring the baby can latch on to the nipple properly.


    This kind of breastfeeding support can be very tricky at first since it requires patience from both the mother and the baby. First, stimulate the baby’s rooting reflex by rubbing the nipple against the baby’s cheek. The baby will turn to you and latch on to you automatically. The baby’s mouth should be wide open. Goat’s rue helps support the production of mother’s milk in the body.


    Prevention of breast engorgement.

    Another breastfeeding support is to prevent engorgement by making sure the newly born nurses on each breast for at least fifteen to thirty minutes. The baby should nurse on both the breasts equally. When too much of milk is produced, you relieve your breast by squeezing milk out or applying breast pump. Breast engorgement can be incredibly painful and may lead to infections.

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