Private Classes

We are pleased to offer families private, in-home classes. Our classes are tailored to your individual needs and schedules. Please Contact Diana Figuski at (951)556-6794 or Taryn Clawson at (951)837-8299 for more info.


The Bradley Method – Partner Coached Childbirth

Please inquire for pricing.

  • The Bradley Method emphasizes that birth is a natural process. Mothers are encouraged to trust their body.  A healthy mother and a healthy baby are the goal! With adequate preparation and education, most mothers can give birth naturally, without medical interventions. The Bradley Method teaches a healthy diet and exercise throughout pregnancy.  Mothers are taught to manage labor with the guidance and support of her partner and relaxation techniques.

Hospital Childbirth Education

$180, 4-hour class that can be taught in one or two sessions.

This is an eclectic class that utilizes a variety of birth philosophies and techniques.   We discuss:

  • How to mentally and physically prepare for childbirth
  • How to care for your body during pregnancy and postpartum
  • What labor and childbirth looks like and what to expect
  • A variety of comfort techniques including breathing, visualizations, deep relaxation, affirmations, massage, and counter pressure
  • Different labor positions- time is provided to practice these!
  • How to create your ideal birth environment- even in the hospital!
  • Inductions, epidurals, C-sections and other hospital procedures
  • Creation of birth goals

Super Siblings

$90, 2 hour class

This class is perfect for the soon to be big brothers and sisters ages 4 and up. Class is tailored to the ages attending. We can cover:

  • Emotionally preparing for and meeting the new arrival in the hospital
  • How to touch and hold an infant
  • Infant-safety and care
  • Changes in the family
  • Younger siblings color and craft a picture/letter to baby
  • Older siblings learn more hands-on care such as diapering and soothing a baby
  • Dolls and needed supplies to practice with are provided

Newborn Care

$135, 3 hour class

Partners, grandparents, and caregivers are encouraged to attend. Find your confidence and learn tools that you will need to not only survive but thrive with your bundle of joy. Topics include:

  • Newborn procedures in the hospital
  • How to comfort a newborn
  • Understanding newborn needs and signals
  • Baby care basics- bathing, dressing, swaddling and more
  • Newborn appearance
  • Babywearing
  • Feeding 
  • How to pick up and hold a newborn
  • Partners will be taught how to be the support system that every mom needs and how to nurture their relationship with baby and mom.
  • And so many other parenting tools that will help your first 3 months together be as smooth and joyous as possible


$135, 3-hour class.

Partners, grandparents, and caregivers are encouraged to attend! Topics included:

  • Advantages of breastfeeding for baby and mother
  • Getting started in the hospital
  • Instruction and practice for optimum positioning and latch
  • How often and how to know if the baby is getting what they need
  • Common challenges and how to avoid them
  • Pumping

Infant and Child Sleep

$90, 2 hour class

All involved with the infant’s sleep are encouraged to attend, including grandparents and nannies.

Class covers

  • Healthy sleep hygiene
  • Safe sleep- bed sharing, co-sleeping and infant in their own sleep space
  • The science behind infant and child sleep
  • How to create the optimal sleep environment and routine
  • Realistic expectations for sleep
  • A personalized review of the baby’s sleep area