Birth Doula

"Doula may be a strange word, but it has a wonderful meaning- a woman who serves."



As professionally trained Doula’s we provide physical comfort, emotional and educational support to expectant couples before, during and after the birth of their child.


We specialize in helping the expectant father feel relaxed and a part of the birth. We never take the father’s place-We are his assistant. By example we show the different physical and emotional comfort tools that most benefit the laboring woman. Unlike a nurse, we are by your side the entire labor to comfort, teach and answer questions the two of you will have.


Contact us at (951) 566-6794 or (951) 837-8299 to schedule your complimentary interview.


Our services include:


Complimentary Consultation– Wondering about how a Doula can make your birth an awesome experience that will bring you together as a couple? Bringing on another member to your birth team is a big step and during this meeting you can see if you feel comfortable with me. Consultations are about 60 minutes depending on the questions asked. Click here for a list of different doula interview questions that are sometimes asked.


1-2 prenatal visits– We assist you in putting your “labor day” goals together, discuss evidence based options and coping techniques. We also touch on postpartum planning and breastfeeding. We tailor our visits to your needs and questions.


We are available 24/7 by phone and email for questions and concerns.


When you go into labor your doula will join you as soon as you feel you need her support. Your doula will offer continuous support to you and your partner throughout your labor and delivery. Your doula will meet you at your home or birth place depending on your needs.


During your labor your doula will utilize comfort techniques such as massage, counter pressure, position changes, visualizations, affirmations, rebozo techniques, aroma therapy upon request and so much more!! We teach and involve your partner as much as they feel comfortable. We provide information and options on procedures and the mechanics of labor and birth.


After delivery your doula will stay with you for about an hour or two or until you and your partner feel comfortable and settled.


We will assist with breastfeeding initiation (upon request).


One postpartum visit– During this special short visit we get to adore you and your sweet baby! We will review your labor and the events of your big day. Any newborn care questions can also be discussed. During this time we also provide one on one breastfeeding support, if needed.


New parent support– We welcome any questions that may have. We love staying in touch with our families!



Birth Doula support Services $900-1200


Please contact us for home birth discounts.


To schedule your complementary interview please contact us at
Doula Taryn (951)837-8299
Doula Diana (951)566-6794


It is important to find a Doula that you feel comfortable and safe with. We look forward to meeting with you and your partner!!