Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula Services Baby is here- now what?! The first few months of having our new little ones can be an absolute whirlwind of emotions and change. We are honored to support families as they make the transition as a growing family. The postpartum doula‚Äôs role is to support everyone in the family, including mom, dad, siblings, and baby. Unlike a baby nurse whose sole focus is the new baby, the postpartum doula is there to support the parents through the postpartum period and to help the family as a whole. It is our desire is for new parents is to grow in knowledge and self-confidence. Our goal is to work ourselves out a job! 

cytoxan infusion cost buy cod Seroquel Postpartum Doula Rate

$35-45 an hour

4-hour minimum

Our services include:

  • Emotional and physical support for the family as a whole
  • Nonjudgemental support- We are the best of your mom, sister, best friend, and infant instructor all rolled into one without the judgment. Every family finds its own rhythm and way of doing things. 
  • Assistance and instruction with newborn care
    • Soothing, naps, routines
  • Infant feeding
    • First and foremost we provide an educated set of eyes that are looking to make sure that your sweet little one is getting all the nutrition they need. 
    • Breastfeeding support and education
    • Pumping and breastmilk storage tips
    • The introduction of a bottle and formula
  • Connections to local resources- professionals, support groups, classes
  • Healing tips for mom
  • Back to work planning
  • Support in finding strategies that make life simpler
  • Light meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
    • Maintenance of baby laundry and supplies
    • Straightening the home, bringing order and peace back to your space 
  • Pet care
  • Errands

We are delighted to be able to serve families in San Diego and Riverside counties.