Doula Training Classes and Professional Consultation – Learn Today!

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    Doula Training Classes and Professional Consultation – Learn Today!

    What Is A Doula?

    Birth and postpartum doulas are known to assist new families with their experience of having a baby. Be it then first baby or not, doulas who received doula training can help make the experience better. But what exactly is a doula? By definition, a doula is a woman who is trained in assisting another woman during childbirth. Both doulas support the family after the baby is born, if necessary. This means that they provide physical, emotional, and informational support to a mom before, during, and after childbirth. The goal is for the mom to achieve the healthiest and the most satisfying experience possible.

    Two Types of Doulas

    There are 2 types of doulas. The first type of doula is called a birth doula – a professional who underwent doula training whose primary job is to provide emotional support to the mother. The second type is called a postpartum doula – a professional whose primary job is to provide support to the entire family. Both doulas have knowledge in labor and childbirth. They are expected to provide continuous support to a laboring mother by tending to the mom and supporting the relationship of the couple. But why do people need a doula?

    Why Do People Need a Doula

    People need a doula because she is an expert in when it comes to providing continuous support to help the mother- emotionally and physically. That is very important to make sure the mother is well taken care of. A doula is also an expert in giving information if the mother asks for resources like her birth choices. If necessary, a mother may need help with relaxation breathing, and that’s when a doula is needed most. Aside from this, a doula accommodates the mother’s wishes for the birth environment and even with the place of birth. Lastly, since doulas are not medical experts, they help communicate with the doctor. A postpartum doula is needed in supporting the father or the birth partner to support the mother. Both doulas are equally helpful to the entire family.

    Doula Training

    A doula has to undergo the right doula training and be certified first to make sure she delivers her job correctly. Being a doula is not as simple as it seems. Doula training includes training and certification. A birth doula is required to attend childbirth and breastfeeding education classes, and birth doula classes. She should also observe a number of births to gain experience. A postpartum doula is required to study how to care for mothers and infants as well as the principles of home visitation. At the end of the training, they are both expected to learn cultural diversity, business practices, and most importantly, ethics.

    Train To Be A Doula Today!

    If you are interested to take doula training and classes, we invite you to check our website out! Our goal is to help you become successful doulas! Typically, for birth doulas, it only takes up to 12 hours to finish childbirth education, 16 hours to finish training, and attend 2-5 births. For postpartum doulas, it only takes 27 hours to finish postpartum doula classes and 2 or more women to assist with postpartum support. Do you think you have what it takes to be a doula? We have everything you need. See you there!

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