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    1# Emergency Preparedness for Infants and Babies

    There are so many unknowns as we prepare for the arrival of a little one. Being prepared can ease the stress and worry. One of the more important things that we can prepare for is the possibility of an emergency- whether it is a natural disaster or manmade such as a fire. The first place to start is with a “grab and go bag” ie a bug out bag, prepped with all that baby would need in a 72 hour period. Food, clothing, warmth, comfort.

    Get a bag. Many families just add baby’s items to the parent’s bags. A mega-size ziplock bag can be used to separate baby and parent items. Backpacks are usually used so as to be able to make a quick exit.

    The following list is a great place to start. Gathering together all of the needed items can take a few weeks. Don’t stress! Chip away at it a little at a time. It is better to have a few of the items together than none at all!

    Pregnant mom holding up a sleeper PJ for an emergency preparedness bag

    Infant and Baby 72-hour Emergency Preparedness / Bug out bag packing list <---Print the list so that you can have the satisfaction of checking things off as you add them to the bag. Be sure to add things to the list that are specific to your family's needs and preferences. Other emergency preparedness tips for families with babies:
    • *Take a CPR/First aid for infants class
    • *Learn how to “babywear”. This can be with a ring sling, soft structure carriers such as an Ergo or Lillie Baby, Sully or Moby or a woven wrap. You will need your hands to be free. Baby will also derive comfort from you by being close.

    It was great seeing all of the families from the Temecula and Murrieta Valley at the emergency preparedness fair today! I would love to hear how things go as you put together your own baby bug out bags! 🙂 Be sure to check back often as we will be adding more info on this subject.

    Special shout out to Shelle of Preparedness Mama. My list grew from hers. Thank you!!


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