Birth Plan | Establishing One And How A Doula Can Help You

  • Establishing A Birth Plan And How A Doula Can Help

    What is a Birth Plan? Pregnancy is a feeling that every women thinks of. And this feeling or the duration of pregnancy can never be taken for granted. A proper birth plan during the pregnancy is must.

    A birth plan is basically a plan where you make preferences for labor and delivery. You can plan whether you want painful medicine or not. You can plan whether you want someone to accompany you during the delivery. Whatever comes to your mind can be planned in a birth plan. And this makes the labor and birth more comfortable.

    A birth plan is always personal and it reflects the preferences about what you want to avoid and what you want to happen.

    Importance of a Birth Plan

    It will help you communicate all your needs and wishes to the doctors and midwives. Since every birth is a unique experience, every lady must have a proper birth plan for the comfort delivery.

    The basic importance of a birth plan is you are giving importance to the new born baby coming into the world. Since things cannot be predicted during labor, before or after, a proper birth plan including everything will be of great help to all the mothers.

    Birth Plan Checklist

    Keeping the Birth Plan short and simple is advisable. Checklist is easy to follow and implement, for example, prepare a check list like;

    1. Whether you want your husband to handle

    2. Who do you want with you during the labor

    3. Where do you want them stand during delivery

    4. Are there any preferable member who you want must be called

    5. Any special stuff required in the room like a television or a photograph

    6. Do you want the doctor or any family member to cut the umbilical cord

    7. Do you want the baby to sleep in the nursery

    And it may vary as per the need. But, the checklist is handy and easy to follow by everyone.

    Birth Companion – Doula

    Birth Companions are experienced women who are there during, before and after, the surgery. They assist and are one-to-one support to the woman experiencing the Birth Plan.

    Usually it is also called as Doula or in simpler term; Birth Companion, Birth Coach or Post Birth Supporter. Mostly they belong from non medical background and they give support to the mother and her family. Support is both mental and physical.

    How a Doula can Help

    The Basic goal during the birth plan will always be to make the mother feel safe and secured. The mother is always informed by the Doula and she is made comfortable every time during the period.

    Physical assistance like massage, maintaining the proper posture, water intake, and other emotional support is also provided.

    Help to critically Ill adults and educational support is also provided by the birth companions or Doula.

    So, ladies expecting the new born baby must always go for companies who specialize in providing doula and midwife services to help mothers and families through the birth process. There is no harm in at least finding about the services. It’s always good to be knowledgeable and better to plan for future.

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