Holistic Sleep Support

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http://gfinalcut.com/om/embed/ZQ5a4W9BAss /hōˈlistik/


    • characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
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Great sleepers are happy babies!

Supporting a child in learning healthy sleep hygiene is a gift that will last a lifetime.

We are unique in what we offer as sleep solutions because we are training the parent just as much as the child. While sleep science and basics are constant, each child and family is unique in their needs and goals. Before the initial consultation, each family fills out a sleep and family questionnaire. With this information, we create a sleep plan that will help both the parent and child find the sleep they all need.

Alongside the parents, as a sleep team, we extensively evaluate the: Baby’s schedule and routine, calorie intake and sleep environment. All packages include the core pieces of:

In-depth questionnaire

Nursery assessment

1-hour sleep training for parents via video meeting

Step by step plan

Sleep 101 booklet

Infants under 16 weeks of age and their parents are taught healthy sleep hygiene or habits. We employ gentle “sleep nugdes” that support the infant’s natural sleep rhythms and needs. This is when the foundation for healthy sleep is established.

Infants 0-16 weeks- In-person sleep nudging and training: $35 an hour Minumum of 8 hour nights.

Babies 4 months or older are taught the same healthy sleep habits. This is done in a variety of methods from super gentle to “cry it out”. The process takes 5 days to many months depending on the goals and needs of the family.


DYI or basic sleep education

Core package plus unlimited email and phone support 10 am -3 pm