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    Home Birth And Why It Helps To Have A Doula

    Introduction To Home Birth And Doulas

    A home birth doula is a trained professional who assists a future mother before, during and immediately after the birth of a child. The education and training provided by a doula can be a valuable way to get the kind of positive birth experience that women want. Why should anyone consider using a doula? There are many reasons for hiring a doula during the home birth.

    Labors are shorter with fewer complications

    The training and experience that a doula brings to birth are invaluable. His training in comfort measures and his emotional support allow a natural and relaxed home birth.

    Home birth babies are healthier

    Since there are few, if any, interventions in a doula-assisted birth, newborns are healthier and more aware at birth. They were born of mothers who ate balanced diets and prepared physically and emotionally for their home birth. Because the drugs are not used, children are more careful and have better APGAR scores.

    Newborns breastfeed more easily

    The doulas training includes breastfeeding so she can help a mother feed her child immediately after home birth. Many breastfeeding mothers within a few minutes of delivery, which promotes an immediate connection. The result is a successful breastfeeding and better bonding experiences. A doula can support breastfeeding when she needs it most. Breastfeeding is most difficult during the first days after the baby’s birth. After work, the new mothers are usually exhausted physically and mentally.

    Positive birth experience

    It has been clinically proven that doula skills have a real impact on the delivery process by reducing unnecessary medical procedures and caesareans and increasing the mother’s satisfaction for the entire home birth experience.

    Professional postpartum follow-up

    Most women are not seen by their doctor until about six weeks after home birth. Taking a doula gives the new mother access to an expert who brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She is available to answer questions about breastfeeding, neonatal growth, developmental progression and normal physiological changes in her body. A doula will perform at least one postpartum visit to the client to help her manage the birth experience.


    Mothers are often more confident when they have a doula to support them. Many women who expect a child, especially if it is the first time, are not sure of themselves, are worried about the work process and are worried about adapting to having a home birth. Very often, the lack of self-confidence is directly related to the lack of knowledge and experience. Although many people know that the work of a doula is to support you emotionally and physically, they also have the responsibility to share knowledge, share their experiences and help you and your spouse in the decisions you make. taking. When you are informed and informed, you are able to make decisions with confidence and be satisfied with your choices.

    Hiring a professionally trained doula can be a step towards a positive birth experience. Her training in comfort measures and her physical and emotional support can alleviate concerns and help all those involved to enjoy the home birth of a healthy child.

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