Doula Assistant: How Doulas Can Really Help During Pregnancy

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    How A Doula Assistant Really Helps During Pregnancy

    Doula Assistant And The Benefits Of Using One

    A doula assistant, because of their training in the methods of pain relief and relaxation, the risk of medical intervention, such as a cesarean section or the use of oxytocin, is much lower. In addition, most women who use a doula need no pain medication such as an epidural during labor, which makes the experience much more glorious and memorable.

    The Assistance Of A Doula Brings Confidence

    Mothers are often more confident when they have a doula assistant to support them. Many women who expect a child, especially if it is the first time, are not sure of themselves, are worried about the work process and are worried about adapting to having a new baby at home. Very often, the lack of self-confidence is directly related to the lack of knowledge and experience. Although many people know that the work of a doula is to support you emotionally and physically, they also have the responsibility to share knowledge, share their experiences and help you and your spouse in the decisions you make. taking. When you are informed and informed, you are able to make decisions with confidence and be satisfied with your choices.

    Fewer Complications

    Having a doula assistant often translates into shorter work and fewer complications. Although this has been shown statistically, the important thing is why these results were obtained. My feeling is that, on average, women work fewer hours and have fewer complications for two reasons. First of all, part of the work of the double is to educate yourself impartially. Provide studies and statistics related to different procedures, drugs, and interventions. The acquired knowledge allows you to make informed decisions that work for you, not for your doctor. Secondly, a doula is assumed by you and is for you. A doula is part of “your team” and knows the delivery plan that helped you create. At work, it is very easy to be a victim of tunnel vision and to lose track of the general plan of birth. A doula is there to honor your wishes and goals so you can stay true to yourself.

    Support Breastfeeding

    A doula assistant can support breastfeeding when the mother needs it most. My experience is that breastfeeding is the most difficult during the first days after the baby’s birth. I also found that if a mother gave up breastfeeding, it was usually when it happened. After work, the new mothers are usually exhausted physically and mentally. The challenge of having a good grip and dealing with a frustrated child who also needs to learn how to breastfeed can easily become overwhelming. Unfortunately, the conflicting opinions received by many nurses can become overwhelming and frustrating in the early days. Most doulas have also had an update on breastfeeding and the support they can provide at this stage can make the process much smoother.

    Easy Adaptation

    A doula assistant often makes it easier for families to adapt to the birth of an infant at home. Bringing a new baby home is both exciting and upsetting. There are many new routines to learn and in the near future, life as you know it no longer exists. A doula is able to draw not only on his personal experience if he is mother and mother, but also on the experience he has acquired in helping other families. Understanding the little things like setting up a routine, breastfeeding, what to expect after the first week at home and when implementing a sleep plan greatly helps to facilitate the process.

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