The Benefits Of Hiring A Certified Midwife To Assist During Pregnancy

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    The Benefits Of Hiring A Certified Midwife To Assist During Pregnancy

    If you are expecting your first child, and are concerned you may require more intensive care than is being provided by your local hospital, then you may want to consider employing a certified midwife. Many mothers who have no reason to worry at all choose to have a personal midwife to hand in case anything goes wrong, and women who are older, or who have long-term conditions that might make childbirth more complicated, will often decide to pay for a midwife in order to feel reassured about their health and the health of their child. There are several reasons why a private midwife could benefit you.


    A certified midwife provides access to continual care


    One of the most common reasons for women choosing a certified midwife over other forms of intensive prenatal treatment is that it provides continual care, or consistent care by a single midwife. In most large hospitals, pregnant women will be seen by a number of different midwives, depending upon the hour of the appointment and who is on shift at that time. The midwife offers a continuity of care which means you don’t have to explain your circumstances each time you have a hospital appointment, and you are treated by a private midwife specialist who knows you personally and therefore can pay particular attention to your specific needs.


    Building rapport and trust


    During labor, a pregnant woman will need people around her that she trusts and likes. Many hospitals encourage the father to come into the labor room because they know that this provides support to the mother. In the past, this would have been the job of the certified midwife, who would be familiar with the mother and would have built up a good relationship with her. They can also help the mother to make important decisions during labor that the father couldn’t help her with, and the midwife’s expertise will be able to ensure that it is a comfortable labor for the woman.


    Providing home care


    Another reason for the increasing popularity of the certified midwife mothers are displaying is that they offer the opportunity for a home birth. Many women feel that they want to give birth as naturally as possible, rather than having to rush to the maternity ward at the hospital, and so they choose a home birth. A private midwife is more able to assist mothers during a home birth, since they can travel to visit the mother at home, rather than waiting for her in the maternity ward, and expecting her to come to them. This means that a woman has more choice about where, and when, she gives birth.


    Hiring a certified midwife to assist at your birth can help you succeed at natural childbirth. A trained midwife can lower the incidence of pain medication use and surgical birth, according to studies.


    Hiring a midwife as your care provider can help as well. Midwives are trained in normal birth techniques. They are less likely to resort to high tech measures, especially if you are birthing in at home or in a birth center.


    As you prepare for your own labor, it is important to remember that childbirth is not a contest. Things may change and your birth may not end up as you anticipated. You must be prepared to go with the flow and respond to circumstances as they arise while heeding the advice of your health care provider. Ultimately, what’s important is that your baby is born healthy.

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