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    The Bradley Method Of Natural Childbirth

    Introduction To The Bradley Method

    Over the years, we have learned that each and every living creature in this world is made to procreate. And there is always a natural way to do it without any medical intervention. This is exactly what The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth pleas to us.

    What Is The Bradley Method?

    It is a natural method of childbirth. American obstetrician, Dr. Robert Bradley, designed this method in the late 1940s. This childbirth method is hence named after him, The Bradley Method. The main purpose of this method is to encourage women to go for the labor and deliver the child naturally without any medical intervention. It offers a natural, painless childbirth experience.

    It is a 12-week course that teaches expecting couples about the diet, nutrition, labor, relaxation techniques, postpartum experiences, nursing, etc. It nearly includes everything that a couple should know about the labor and early parenting. This program is designed for both the parents. In fact, the husband has a major role to play in proper postures and breathing techniques. This is the reason it is also sometimes known as the husband-coached childbirth method.

    When Should One Join The Program?

    This program is basically a 12-week course. Therefore, it is best that you join the Bradley method program from your fifth month of pregnancy. There are only a few couples enrolled in each batch so that every couple gets proper attention. This will also help you in getting comfortable and asking queries if any.

    What Does The Course Include?

    The Bradley method is about promoting natural birthing experience. But the course will also prepare you for any unexpected complications and emergencies that might lead to C-section.

    In initial classes, the focus is mainly on nutrition and exercises. A healthy diet is important for a natural and stress-free childbirth. It also teaches you to include basic exercises like tailor sitting, squatting, pelvic rocks, and Kegel exercises. These exercises help in getting the baby in the right position for painless deliver.

    Once you are done with the initial phase, then you are taught about the labor pain, and husband’s role in helping his wife. It teaches you techniques to ease labor by relaxing and deep breathing techniques. This session will help you in adapting to new attitude and habits, and in understanding the process of labor better.

    Finally, it also prepares you for any unexpected situations or emergencies and you get an optional class for afterbirth lessons that cover topics on breastfeeding and early parenting responsibilities.

    Why Relaxation Is Important In The Brandley Method?

    Dr. Bradley has gone through a deep research to reach the conclusion that relaxation is very important for natural childbirth. Giving birth to a child is a natural process and entirely depends on the motherly instincts of a woman. If she feels uncomfortable or not in a proper environment, she will naturally feel it unsafe for the baby and have difficulties giving birth. However, if the mother finds a pleasant, relaxing environment around her, mother’s body will react to it and let the child come out without any difficulties. This theory is true for all the living organisms.

    Based on this very theory, the Bradley method mostly relies on the ways to teach you how to relax your body. This involves the major role of a husband, as she will feel most comfortable and secure around him. This is also the reason that strangers or heavy lights should be kept at the minimum.

    Relaxation Techniques Taught

    Imitating sleep is best practice in the first phase of labor. You can do this by lying on a bed, closing eyes, and taking deep breathes. This will help you relax and fall asleep. The best part is that if you rest during this part, then you shall have enough energy for the next phase of labor.

    The breathing technique is helpful for relaxing your body. The length of your breath and how to take deep breaths at such time are most emphasized.

    Creating a pleasant ambiance around you is also taught as a part of relaxation. A quiet room with soft music and diffused lighting work best for relaxation.

    Benefits Of The Bradley Method

    This method teaches about relaxation that plays important role in the childbirth.

    The Bradley method also helps in proper nutrition, which helps in good health of both mother and baby.

    It helps in developing a great bond between the two.

    It promotes the father’s involvement and support throughout the pregnancy.

    It explains the complications you may face during childbirth.

    The Bradley method keeps medicines and its side effects at bay during childbirth. You should definitely choose or at least consider this method if you are expecting a baby. You can contact us for knowing more about this method and the classes.

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