What's A Doula And The Benefits Of Hiring One?

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    What’s A Doula And The Benefits Of Hiring One?

    So, what’s a doula? The word doula stems its root from Greek which means Women’s Servant. If husband is the left hand, then doula is considered as a right hand for the women.


    What is the purpose of doula?

    The relationship between the women and doula starts few months before the baby is due. In this period the core responsibility of a doula is to make the women feel comfortable in asking anything.

    From the beginning of time it was the reason ability of family and friends to nurture and take care of the women. But as the time moved forward people are now busy with their own things. Here the question what’s a doula?’ is valid because what is the purpose if husband and other family members are there to take care.

    Firstly,the doula is a well-trained nurse which can take care of any emergency that can occur before the mother gives birth. A doula is an advocate for the mother. What’s a doula: It is just like a consultant who ensures safe birth of the child.


    Are there any benefits of hiring a doula?

    Now we know, what’s a doula, let’s move on to the benefits of hiring a doula.

    In numerous cases it was administered that the women had a safe delivery when the doula was present at the time of giving birth. Furthermore, women regarded it as a positive experience. Other studies revealed that having a doula in the labor team helped to cut down the overall cesarean rate by 50%. What’s a doula? It is all about using the power of touch to reduce stress.

    The massage helps in relaxing the body and stimulates the production of natural chemicals which help in the delivery of a healthy child. If the question what’s the doula still confuses you, try to imagine hiring a secretary for your office. The secretary takes care of all the little details which are important but often we forget it, same is the job is of doula.


    If there is doula what will father do?

    What’s a doula? It is not at all replacement for the husband. In fact, it is to complement the efforts of the husband. These days, most of the husbands love to take part in the delivery process, however, some husbands prefer to stay away and let the doula handle everything.

    By giving doula the responsibility to be in the birth team, it gives fathers to do all the other stuff. What’s a doula? In fact, a doula can help a father with some relaxing techniques and give them relief to some extent. While doula is busy with other stuff, the father gets a chance to support the partner on emotional level.


    What’s a doula? Is it only good for unmedicated birth?

    The type of birth has nothing to do with doula. A doula is simply trained to help you with every level of case regardless of the understanding of the mother; it helps every mother to have a safe and healthy birth.

    Furthermore,the mother who has decided to give a medicated birth, the doula will be there to help you out. What’s a doula: A doula will provide emotional and informal support to the mother in the labor room and help with the medications.

    Doulas also work side by side with medicated mothers to eliminate the side effects. For those mothers who feel discomfort even after taking the medication, doula will be there to help them out.

    If a mother is having a cesarean, a doula will be there to provide constant support and encouragement throughout the process. Most of the time, the cesarean results from a situation when the mother is unprepared and feels lonely.


    A doula is highly trained

    For parents who are having their first baby, they don’t know how to proceed? A doula is highly trained and can help the parents in getting out from the comfort zone and take them slowly through every step before the child arrives in the world.


    In Conclusion

    As mentioned earlier some parents prefer to deal with all the issues themselves, which are quite rare. The first-time parents need some guidance with the childbirth. And now you know what a doula is and how it can aid you and your spouse in delivering the perfect and healthy baby.

    As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It is advised to hire a doula so that you don’t have to worry about thinking what are the next steps in childbirth and how to deal with them?

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